CPM eXchange | send money to Pakistan and pay no fees*

Note: money transfer services close at 8:15pm
* more details in-store

Reasons to Choose CPM eXchange Money Transfer

  • Cash Pickup

    Same day service, and Money In Minutes™

  • Bank Deposit

    No fuss, fast bank deposits.

  • Fast Service

    Quick money transfers for ease and convenience

  • Secure

    Know your funds will be delivered safely and securely

Send Money Worldwide

Calgary Produce Market provides worldwide money transfer services. CPM is an agent of Western Union, TransFast, and Xpress Money. CPM eXchange offers competitive rates to popular destinations in the Calgary North East community, such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. We also provide quick service; the receiver is able to receive the funds in minutes*. We also provide a service fee free money transfer service for Pakistan if the amount is above $105. CPM eXchange staff provides high quality service to quickly process our customers' transactions and ensure that the customers are provided with ease and convenience.
*Funds sent to Pakistan through TransFast on Friday are unable to be picked up by the receiver until Monday in Pakistan, as the main branches of the banks are not open during the weekend