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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Calgary Produce Market began first and foremost as a grocery store striving to provide the essentials to the sever-growing East-Indian and Pakistani community in Calgary. CPM Produce is dedicated to providing fresh and quality produce at low prices to ensure our customers leave happy. We provide a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, ranging from everyday essentials such as tomatoes and onions to seasonal commodities such as Pakistani mangoes and watermelons. Offering produce by pound or in larger quantities, CPM Produce caters to the unique needs of each customer. Whether you need to quickly grab some essentials or you want to to shop for the week, drop by and our friendly staff will help you find what you need.

Pakistani and Indian Grocery

Along with fresh produce and meat, Calgary Produce Market offers a broad assortment of East-Indian and Pakistani Grocery. Offering popular brands such as Dabur, Nestle, and Gagan, CPM Grocery provides you with quality grocery. We offer products ranging from everyday items, such as milk, eggs, frozen parathas, rice, spices to occasional items, such as hair colours and soaps, and everything inbetween. Our diversity in quality products and our competitively cheap prices ensure that you don't need to look anywhere else for your East-Indian and Pakistani grocery. The CPM staff is also committed to helping our customers find what they need, making sure that our customers have an easy and enjoyable time shopping instead of being frustrated by not being able to find what they need.

pakistani indian grocery
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Other Products

Our products dont end there, we have many other convenient items for your ease. we carry phone cards, load balance to your phone in Canada and in Pakistan as well. We carry Islamic books, cosmetic products, a select amount of dishware, and many many more items, please visit our store for more information.